·          Maintain a bicycle

·          Cook Lasagna   

·          Make rice crispy squares

·          Prepare a Shepherd’s pie

·          Build model vehicles, airplanes

·          Make coleslaw salad

·          Bake a special dessert

·          Repair a flat bicycle tire

·          Replace old bicycle breaks

·          Perform yo-yo tricks and maintenance

·          Make a Nacho dip

·          Cook Chili

·          Know the inside of the computer

·          Draw a cartoon character

·          Make a vegetable soup, other soups

·          Cook spaghetti with homemade sauce

·          Wash dishes safely and efficiently

·          How to choose the best pet

·          Polish shoes

·          Re-grip a tennis racquet

·          String a tennis racquet

·          Make a special sandwich

·          Understand a computer program

·          Tie a necktie

·          Perform a Dance step

·          Paint Easter eggs

·          Create a craft

·          Perform rope skipping tricks & games


·          Do basketball dribbling tricks

·          Iron clothes

·          Make a grilled cheese sandwich

·          Make home-made ice cream

·          Perform a cultural dance

·          Perform a jazz dance

·          Play a musical instrument

·          Do a magic trick

·          Perform martial arts moves

·          Make cookies

·          Do Double Dutch skipping

·          Pet talk and care

·          Create a paper airplane

·          Create Origami

·          Play a board game

·          Dribble and bounce a soccer ball

·          Make fudge

·          Prepare a Cajun chicken Caesar salad

·          Do skate board tricks

·          Draw a face

·          Collect coins, stamps, hockey cards, etc.,

·          Tape a hockey stick

·          Make a breakfast

·          Make interesting knots

·          Do calligraphy

·          Baby-sit small children

·          Perform bicycle riding tricks

·          Paint with water colors

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