Just Teach It! is a unit that helps teachers and students end their academic year with a “bang”. When the weather is hot, the students are restless and the summer vacation is desperately anticipated by all, giving children an opportunity to research, prepare and teach a skill to their peers spells huge success.


Just Teach It! is a unit that can be applied to any classroom where writing, research and oral presentation take place. Your students will love the unit because they get to break out of the typical school routine where the teacher does most of the teaching. Instead, all the teaching is done by the students themselves!


Why use this unit in your classroom?


·          The students get to do what they always want to do - interact, and talk about themselves, their hobbies, interests and abilities to others.


·          Decrease or prevent negative behavioral incidents in the classroom.


·          Increase student self-esteem and confidence.


·          Save preparation time by using something that has already been created and tested in the classroom.


·          Improve the overall school environment by having students participate in valuable, creative and positive activities at the end of the school year.


·          Promote positive social skills and constructive student interaction.


·          Students are not bored as they watch and anticipate their classmates’ presentations.


·          The parents approve of their children’s involvement in this type of activity.


·          The administration supports and welcomes units in which children research, problem-solve, create, teach, write, organize, plan and speak in public.


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