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Math Timesavers is a 90 page, quality collection of difficult-to-find, often-used forms, masters and reproducible sheets for your math program. Math Timesavers has them all (K-8). They are visually attractive, professionally designed and ready for your class. Math Timesavers will help improve personal efficiency, organization, quality of lessons and appearance of your class handouts, forms and worksheets. Don’t re-invent the wheel by creating your own… use Math Timesavers!

Author: Stevan Krajnjan
ISBN 0-9689702-1-4
Downloadable PDF File
Pages: 90
Grades: K - 8


Thanks for your consideration. I appreciate your help. I am not one to order things off the internet but your material looked very interesting.  I use the math book a lot and LOVE IT!  Thanks again.” Paula Brewer (USA)

“Thank you for the Math Timesavers. I think they are fantastic!  I have also learned how to save the files now so I feel really happy with the purchase. Keep up the great job you are doing, providing such a service to busy teachers.”   Colleen York  (USA)

“I am a resource teacher who works in a middle school in Stratford, CT with seventh graders. I work with a team of academic teachers, so I teach all subjects. My students are fully integrated into mainstream classes and have varying levels of ability. Some need many modifications and others just need to know they can get help when they are not sure how to do an assignment. Since many of my students need help with the seventh grade math curriculum, the worksheets from your Math Timesavers will be very useful.”  Nancy Zychek, (Stratford, CT, USA)

“I recommended your products to all my co-workers. . . everyone wants to come and look through what I have and I tell them where to find you!  Thanks so much for your wonderful products. . . .I am buying the 1000 Quick Writing Ideas right now!  I also use the books as a parent.  My son absolutely loves the Math Time Savers!  He likes it that I make copies of some of the sheets for him, hole-punch them, and put them in his binder.  I have had requests from his teachers about where I got the sheets from, and of course, I always refer them to your website!  If I had the extra money, I would buy all of your products. . .and over time. . .I probably will!  Thanks so much for taking the time to develop these reproducibles. . .they truly are TIME-SAVERS!”  — Karla N. Evans  (Lead Teacher at Dar-un-Noor School, Atlanta, GA, USA) 

“I am a Junior High School Science Teacher at Robert Stuart Junior High School in Twin Falls, Idaho.  I am highly certified in both Science and Math.  I currently teach 7th grade Life Science and once in a while am called on to teach Algebra I to 9th graders as demand is needed.  I have been teaching for over 14 years and still need reminding how to get organized once in a while.  Teacher’s Binder and Math Timesavers have helped me for many years to do just that!  At this time of the year (Christmas Break) I need to work on reorganizing and getting ready for the push into the New Year.  I am using some of the pages provided by Timesavers to help me reach my goal.  Included are: Things to Do lists, Teacher Purchased & Owned Supplies, Classroom Supplies lists, Use of Student Agenda lists, and for my Resource students pages to get them organized with goals and what their strengths and weaknesses are:  This is ME!, I.E.P. Questionnaire, My Goals for This Week!, Goals for the year, etc. Without the help of having these ready to reproduce pages I would have to recreate them. Thanks for The Teacher’s Binder what a fantastic product!”  Jean Newman, Robert Stuart Junior High School, Twin Falls, ID

“Thank you again for your thoughtfulness. I have been looking for a program to print graph paper forms  from for a  long time, you really are a time saver. Keep up the excellent work!”  — Barbara A. Chio, (USA)

“In fact your forms are amusing and enticing, I didn't see such nice worksheets like "Fractions" or "This is me" anywhere.”  Elena I. Gotlib, (Urals State University of Railway Transport in Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA)

“WOW!!! I wish I had Math Timesavers before school let out to show my teacher friends!! I know they'd have really loved it.  Putting the patterns for the tangrams and base ten counter blocks in this book was just genius!  I printed out a couple of pages to use with my son this summer.  I'll tell you how well it goes.  I LOVE the check writing practice sheet.  If I end up with an upper primary grade level when I get my own classroom I'll be introducing them to check writing with a "classroom banking system".  A lot of these pages can be reproduced and just set out for the students to work on when they have free time or reproduced and enlarged and hung on the walls as educational decor.”  — Dawn Burr  (Japan)

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WOW!!! I wish I had Math Timesavers before school let out to show my teacher friends!! I LOVE the check writing practice sheet.   Dawn Burr, Japan



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