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Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit - helps you organize classroom substitute teacher instructions and routines in the event of your absence


“Bundle the Teacher's Binder and the Substitute Teacher's Instruction Kit as a single product. Outstanding materials, especially for second career teachers like me.”  
     Don Sublett, Roanoke Catholic School, Roanoke, VA, USA

I love your books - especially the Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit. When I was away in Dec. it was great to know that all the information was already in the binder for the incoming supply teacher. It sure is great for the unexpected absences. Everything is there and even things I hadn't thought of are included. I downloaded your book, copied the pages for my Supply Teacher Book and kept a blank so I can prepare easily for next year!!!!”
Diane Hull, Grade 5,  Palgrave P.S., Palgrave, Ontario, Canada

I am a 25 year veteran elementary and special education teacher so I have quite a collection of resource materials. However, until your books I had not found anything that fit my needs so precisely. I look forward to using my latest purchase, The Substitute Teachers Instructions Kit. I'm not going to be able to start the school year off in September and your book is going to help me guide my substitute until I get back. I have used many similar ideas in the past and always seem to reinvent myself--I won't have to do that anymore.”
Sally J. Avery, Fairview Elementary, Henry County Schools, Stockbridge, Georgia, US

I teach at Fast Forward Charter High School in Logan, Utah.  It's a school that focuses on students who are at risk of not graduating High School).  I've been teaching there for 4 years as head of the Social Studies Department - I personally teach the World  Geography, Ancient and Modern World History, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, and Historical Mythology courses.

One of the main reasons I purchased the Substitute Teacher Kit forms and hall passes, but now find myself using the planning pages, the parent contact forms, reward passes, and the missing homework/assignment sheets.  More often than not, it's been too much of a pain to take a day off because getting ready for a sub is more work than just going in and doing the job yourself, but with the interactive forms, I found it a lot easier to just fill in the blanks with specifics and emergency information.  It just helped the whole "day off" situation become a lot easier.  I don't feel quite so guilty taking a day here or there anymore. My principal really appreciated the fact that my sub was "so prepared" as well.  Besides, it makes me look like the "Organizational Queen".  I have an image to uphold :).

The preformatted hall passes have also helped tremendously.  So many of our students are sometimes hard to keep in class; they have to use the bathroom, get a drink, call home, etc. and it was hard to keep track of where they were and where it was ok for them to be.  A lot of our students will tell us they have to use the bathroom and then go try to hang out in the front office.  Now, unless the students have an office pass, they get kicked out and sent back to class.  I also use colors - bright orange for the office, hot pink for the girl's hall/bathroom pass, and neon blue for the boys.  No pass = the truancy officer on the student's trail (for some reason they don't like that very much :))I also use a bonus buck system of reward in my class and have included the computer lab passes and game time passes as a reward system too!”  
Jes Nyman, Fast Forward Charter High School, Logan, Utah, USA

 “Thanks so much for sending the disk. I was able to get it loaded successfully. I will send the money for the Substitute Kit portion as well. Thank you for all your help and for offering such a helpful group of materials.”  Catherine, (New Zealand)

 “Thanks again for your fast response to my difficulties. Your support network is phenomenal. I printed out a few of your sample pages from the book "Teachers Binder" and they were of excellent quality.  That is why I decided to purchase your book and I will definitely share it with my friends when we return to school next week.  Hopefully, they too, will purchase it.  Truly thank you for the speed with which you have responded to my emails.  I look forward to purchasing your other books, especially The Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit as we are required to have something in place by early Sept. to accommodate a Supply teacher in our class and your resource will save me endless hours of work.“  — Diane Hull, Grade 5,  Palgrave PS, Palgrave, Ontario, Canada)

“As a pre-service teacher, I am always on the look out for creative, well designed materials that are attractive and professionally designed. Your products combine these two qualities. I have just ordered, and downloaded two books.  I appreciate the ease of downloading and the neatness of the page designs.  I really like the Just Multiply It strategy!!!      I have worked as a teaching assistant and as a long term substitute.  I am always "cleaning up" messy or cramped handouts and designing forms for keeping track of assessments.  Again, I appreciate your work.”   Vicki Laster  (Pre-service teacher, St. Petersburg College, College of Education, FL, USA)

“Your work is a masterpiece! I can hardly wait to get the particulars regarding my classes this year so that I can fill in the blanks of The Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit and be the envy of my fellow teachers.”  James Hazelton, (Mount Gleason Middle School, Los Angeles Unified School District, Sunland, CA, USA)

“I have The Teacher's Binder and The Substitute Teacher's Instruction Kit and absolutely love them and use them all of the time. Thanks for producing such useful products that are easy to use and professional looking.“  Joanne Harris, (Grant Middle School, Fairview Heights, IL, USA)

“I recently ordered your "Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit" from the website. It has been a wonderful tool and saved me a great deal of stress and time as I prepare for a long absence from my classroom. I have found that it covers absolutely everything from Daily Instructions to Fire Drills to Discipline Reports and Feedback. It has made the process of organizing detailed information quick and easy.”  — Rajdeep  (India)

“By the way, I am enjoying getting the Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit ready.  I realized that even though I didn't miss a day of school last year, THINGS do happen! “  — Kacy <><   Venture Christian School , Lakeside, California, USA

“I was able to download the Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit last night. It is fantastic! I started my teaching career as a substitute and I can tell you it is most difficult going into a situation without any guidance. This Substitute Binder will always be on my desk in case of emergency or planned absences. Everything a substitute could possibly need is right at his fingertips. I wish I had access to this binder when I substituted. Also, it gives the substitute a platform from which to work so there are no questions as to how things are done at the school. Students will realize that the substitute is prepared and ‘knows the ropes’.”  — Mary Krouskos  (Pinellas Park High School, Largo, Florida, USA)

“You will be happy to know that I got the file downloaded. Thanks for your patients and support. Keep the good work. The Teacher’s Binder is awesome. I may get the Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit also.”   —- Daisy Jones, Bearfield Primary School, Ahoskie, North Carolina, USA


Author: Stevan Krajnjan

ISBN 0-9689702-2-2
Downloadable PDF File
Pages: 55
Grades: K - 12

“The kit is more than I could have hoped for. Excellent information, great format. I couldn't be happier.“   — Mary Stelle, North Smithfield Elementary School, RI, USA



Interactive Version

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Organize your substitute teacher instructions in a thorough, detailed and professional manner. This is sure to promote classroom order during your absence. Use forms such as: welcome note, location of important items and information, school timetable, daily schedule and classroom routines, emergency procedures, school and classroom discipline policy, seating charts, special needs student information, class list, student background information, bus students list, daily lesson plans, incident report forms, student anecdotal charts, end of the day feedback and more...


Develop clear instructions only once and then use them over and over again! The only updating to be done is that of the daily lesson plan. You can write or type your instructions directly onto each form as there are 2 versions to choose from.


Administrators appreciate seeing substitute teacher instructions that promote order in the classroom.

VIEW Printable SAMPLES in PDF format: HERE,  in HTML: page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Table of Contents

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